Secret’s Hyosung Has Personal Information Stolen, Culprit Faces Prison Sentence

Jeon Hyosung of girl group Secret had her personal information leaked recently. Under Korea’s privacy laws, the person responsible could receive up to five years in jail as punishment due to the seriousness of the offence.

On November 11, university registration information and related documents thought to belong to Jeon Hyosung were released several online communities. According to the documents, the female in question is named Jeon Hyosung. Personal information including her school identification number, resident registration number, and phone number had been written on the documents.

Secret’s agency TS Entertainment revealed, “We are currently in the midst of finding out how her personal information was released and are also in contact with her school. In such a case, we will let the law deal with the culprit.”

According to Inha University, where Jeon Hyosung attends, the school is in the midst of investigating how the leak occurred.