Drama Poster for “Let’s Eat” Starring Lee Soo Kyung, Yoon Doo Joon and Others Released

A new poster for the upcoming tvN drama “Let’s Eat,” containing the four main characters, has been revealed!

The story of “Let’s Eat” revolves around the heroine Lee Soo Kyung (her character uses her real-life name), who is a newly single woman, experiencing the common loneliness of living by herself. Her neighbors include the mysterious and charming Goo Dae Young (played by Yoon Doo Joon) and the bright and lovable Yoon So Hee (played by Yoon Jin Yi). The fourth character is Kim Hak Moon (played by Shim Hyung Tak), who is Lee Soo Kyung’s boss at work.

In the poster, each character is sitting with platters of delicious food with quirky and interesting poses. The food in front of the actors seem to express each of their characters’ personalities.

In the drama, Lee Soo Kyung is a cool and chic girl but her weakness comes with food. In the poster, Lee Soo Kyung opens her mouth wide for some delicious looking meat.

Yoon Doo Joon is elegantly using a knife and fork to cut up his dish. In the drama, Yoon Doo Joon plays a classy man who has a gift of expressing the taste of food in a special way. The poster also draws eyes for the caption “Do you live alone?” next to Yoon Doo Joon’s face.

Shim Hyung Tak is eating out of a lunchbox, which tells us that he is indeed a busy, working man. Shim Hyung Tak’s character is a lawyer, who lives busily due to work. He usually eats his meals in-between breaks and is portrayed as a man with a prickly temper but has a gentle side as well.

Finally, Yoon Jin Yi’s poster shows a variety of sweet desserts in front of her. She is holding up a cupcake with some frosting on her fingertips and a smile on her face, which makes us predict her sweet and bubbly character.

The drama’s Park Joon Hwa PD commented, “The poster shows each of the character’s personality and charms as well as the distinguishing factor of our drama, which is ‘mukbang’ (images or footage of people eating a lot). Our lead actress Lee Soo Kyung especially did not show fear of ruining her image and impressed the staff with her realistic ‘mukbang’ acting.”

“Let’s Eat” will air its pilot episode on November 28. Check out the teaser clip below!