Eerie Teaser Image of Voodoo Doll for VIXX’s Upcoming First Album Revealed

VIXX has released a brand new teaser image for their upcoming first full-length album, “Voodoo.”

On November 13, VIXX revealed an dark, eerie and haunting image of an old voodoo doll, laying in a heap of straw. This image seems to be in line with the concept for VIXX’s first full-length album since their debut, one and a half years ago.

VIXX is also preparing for this album release through their official Twitter account, which has been “taken over” by a voodoo doll, in place of the group’s character robot, Rovix. The profile picture has been replaced with a voodoo doll image and the latest tweet reads, “I have sealed up Rovix. VIXX is a given but I hope you all will follow my orders as well. I will only be giving orders and not taking any qusetions. I am a voodoo doll who has sealed up Rovix.”

Previously, VIXX revealed “Only U,” which will be part of their first album. Also, VIXX will be holding a concert in Seoul on November 17.