Cross Gene Releases Cute Video Dance Lesson for “Page of Love”

The six member boy group Cross Gene has released a video dance lesson on Youtube displaying their cute choreography for the Japanese version of their new single “Page of Love.” Fans of Cross Gene can now dance in sync with the charming members with the release of the video.

Cross Gene captures the attention of their fans with “Page of Love” as they serenade us with their smooth voices over a relaxing electronic beat. The catchy song has both a Japanese and Korean version.

Cross Gene debuted in June 2012 with the mini album Timeless: Begins. The group consists of Takuya, Shin, Seyoung, Casper, Sangmin, and Yongseok. They will have concerts titled “CROSS GENE Japan Live -ROCK U-“on December 6 at Umeda Club Quattro and on December 14,15 at Amuse Musical Theatre.