Music Legend Nami is Making Comeback after 17 Years

Veteran singer Nami has come out with her new single “Voyeur” after 17 years of inactivity.

On November 11, Nami released the music video for her new electronic dance single “Voyeur” on her Youtube channel. Nami’s powerful voice goes well with the strong beat of the European styled dance song.

The music vide3o was produced in the U.S.A. by veteran producer Michael Peyser, who has produced videos for other famous acts such as Madonnna and U2. The abstract and vibrant video will introduce the singer to a new generation of fans.

Nami stated on her channel that “Being able to perform once again after 17 years, I am very nervous. I hope you encourage and cheer me on.”

Nami was a famous singer in the 80’s with hits like “Bingle, Bingle” and “Like an Indian Doll.”