Eunhyuk’s Twitter Hacked Again (and Again), Most Likely by Same Person

Only two days have passed since Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk fell victim to hackers, and seems like his Twitter has now been hacked again.

Both of the tweets feature the same picture collage of Superstar K4′s Hwang Seol Lin, whose nude pictures were uploaded Eunhyuk’s Twitter on November 11. Judging from this, it is very likely that the same person has hacked Eunhyuk’s Twitter this time around.

The first tweet says, “Proof that this was Hwang Seol Lin during the live finals. The top picture and the fourth bare-faced selca are a perfect match, her hairstyle matches as well, right? In the second photo, her hair is short, but if you look at the fifth selca you can see that her hair is short. She used a hair straightener to curl her bangs inwards, but in the nude photo she just did not style her hair.”

Right after, another tweet was sent, “She attached fur to her hood, but that is attachable. So she took it off for the live broadcast, but the sixth photo is her Facebook profile picture, and she uses so much Photowonder* that her face looks different in every photo. The hood in the sixth selca and the fourth bare-faced selca match the one in the broadcast photo, she removed the spot in her face with Photowonder.”

The tweets and the pictures have now been removed, but they were up for nearly an hour. 

On November 11, Eunhyuk expressed his frustration towards hackers in a long tweet, and we can only imagine how devastated he might be after seeing that his Twitter has been hacked again.

Eunhyuk has just tweeted a response to this hacking incident, “I will not bring up your real name anymore. I feel sorry for the woman who has become the victim… I don’t know if it is because I don’t manage this properly or why, but I am currently discussing with my company to quickly solve this. Twitter is a useful outlet through which I can communicate, so I don’t want to get rid of it. Anyway, I apologize.”

* Photowonder is a photo editing program for smartphones, popular in Korea

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[Update] It seems that Eunyuk’s twitter was hacked again, for the third time. Once again the hacker brought up Hwang Seol Lin. 

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