Music Video for Yoon Jong Shin’s Monthly Repair Series: “You Are Still Awesome” Featuring Kim Yoon Ah

Singer and songwriter Yoon Jong Shin released a music video featuring the vocals of Rumble Fish’s Kim Yoon Ah.

The song, “You Are Still Awesome,” is part of the singer-songwriter’s monthly “Repair Series.” Yoon Jong Shin’s “Repair Series” is the singer’s 2013 project which consists of releasing a repaired, or re-edited, version of a song that he had previously composed or produced.

The November issue of Yoon Jong Shin’s “Repair Series” revealed the music video for the repaired accordion version of “You Are Still Awesome, ” a popular soundtrack originally sung by Jung Hoon Hee for the 2005 SBS drama “Bad Housewife”.

However, the 2013 version of the song provides a different vibe as the repaired version combines Kim Yoon Ah’s melodious voice with the tune of the accordion. As pianist Jo Yoon Sung coordinated the arrangement of the repair piece, “You Are Still Awesome” exhibits a bolero styled melody as the music video conveys a slow-tempo song inspired by Latin music and dance.

The November issue of Yoon Jong Shin’s “Repair Series,” featuring repaired songs “Road,” and both the accordion and string version of “You Are Still Awesome,” was released on November 5.

Check out the music video below!