miss A’s Jia is the Leader of the Chinese Idols

Jia of miss A is the leader of the “China line” idols.

On November 12, miss A made an appearance on Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News – The Music Interview.” During the interview MCs Sung Jin Hwan and Jung Ji Chan asked miss A about the Chinese idol gatherings. 

Jia revealed, “Many idols are part of the ‘China line’ including EXO’s Tao, Lay, Kris, and Luhan as well as f(x)’s Victoria and Amber. Tasty’s Daeryong and Soryong are also part of the ‘China line’.” In connection to how she became the leader, she commented, “I don’t know how I became the leader of the ‘China line’. I don’t even have leadership.” 

Suzy, Min, and Fei remarked, “No, you have leadership. Jia unni calls everyone and sets up meeting times.”

Jia responded excitedly and said, “Really? I have leadership?”