Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Replies to 1994 with Baby Photos

Amid the popularity of tvN’s “Reply 1994,” Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung included her own response to the year of 1994 with photos of herself from 14 years ago.

On November 13, Sooyoung posted a message titled “Reply 1994” on Girls’ Generation’s official homepage. The singer wrote, “After watching Hong Kong SONE’s ‘Baby Baby’ event, this suddenly came to mind and I found it. Young Sooyoung. Really ugly, right? Hehe The memories are hazy. The weather is cold. To all the people who came to our fan signing event.. drink something warm and take a cold medicine before you sleep!”

With the message, the Girls’ Generation member uploaded a collage of three photos showing pieces of the singer’s childhood. The three photos portray Sooyoung with a short, bowl cut hair, displaying the 90’s fashion.

 sooyoung baby photos

Although the singer jokingly expressed how she might have looked ‘ugly,’ the statement alludes to tvN’s “Reply 1994,” with that specific statement being written in a Korean dialect. “Reply 1994” follows the lives of college students from the countryside, bringing laughter to viewers through the character’s different dialects.

Girls’ Generations recently concluded their “2013 GIRLS’ GENERATION WORLD TOUR ~Girls & Peace~ in Hong Kong,” which was held on November 9 and 10.