“Infinity Challenge” Removes “I Got C” from Digital Music Stores

Infinity Challenge” has decided to stop the digital distribution of “I Got C” that has recently been under scrutiny for alleged plagiarism.

The producer of the show delivered an official message through the show’s homepage on November 13, “Hello, this is ‘Infinity Challenge.’ I apologize for causing the viewers worry over the controversy that team Geumary (Park Myung Soo and Primary) has been swept in because of the song they performed at MBC ‘Infinity Challenge – 2013 Freedom Road Music Festival‘ on November 2. This year’s music show was the fourth festival ‘Infinity Challenge’ has held, and all of the cast members and musicians have worked in teams to produce songs through a chaotic and stressful process, having the theme ‘Music is not war. Music is joy.’ in mind and trying to express it.”

He added, “However, after the broadcast we faced a problem we had not expected, and even though we are listening to both parties’ opinions hoping solve the situation carefully, in the end we have not been able to offer ‘joy’ to our viewers. Thus, until this problem will be settled, we have discussed with Amoeba Culture (Primary) and reached the decision that we will stop the distribution of ‘I Got C’ through digital music stores. From now, we will try our best to become ‘Infinity Challenge’ that responds to any problems in a more rapid and mature matter. Thank you.”

“I Got C” has been highly successful on the music charts, achieving an all-kill and receiving a lot of love. However, after accusations claiming that Primary has plagiarized Dutch artist Caro Emerald‘s work emerged, “I Got C” has been struggling to free itself from this dark shadow. 

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