“Prime Minister and I” Reveals First Stills Featuring Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Lee Bum Soo

Seems like Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA is literally clinging to Lee Bum Soo right from the beginning.

KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Prime Minister and I” recently revealed the first stills showing the lead couple caught up in an interesting situation. YoonA has both of her arms tightly around Lee Bum Soo‘s leg while staring at the man with her puppy-dog look. With his piercing eyes, Lee Bum Soo looks at YoonA intensively, making viewers wonder what has happened between the two.

“Prime Minister and I” will be filling the time slot of “The Future Choice” after the latter ends, and the first episode is scheduled to air on December 9. To build up the excitement for the comedy with a romantic twist, the first stills were unveiled to the public on November 13.

Lee Bum Soo will be playing the role of South Korea’s youngest prime minister Kwon Yool, who is known for his sharp intelligence, and YoonA will be taking on Nam Da Jung, a clumsy and absentminded reporter. When these two contrasting personas meet, we can expect to see hilarious comedy and sparks of romance. 

According to the production company, the two face each other first as a prime minister and a reporter, but after a spectacular event they end up in this confusing situation depicted in the stills. Despite representing completely different walks of life, the c0uple overcomes these complications through a series of amusing, but touching episodes.

The producers commented, “Even though it was late in the night when we filmed for the first time, Lee Bum Soo and YoonA displayed their strong spirit and acted the scenes depicting serious, but comical situations. We are confident that the more you see the story developing between sharp Lee Bum Soo and inattentive YoonA, you will begin to naturally laugh and feel the warmth and love of a family. Please anticipate ‘Prime Minister and I’ a lot.”

The star-studded cast has been gaining great interest from the public, and the fans’ wait will be rewarded on December 9 at 10pm (KST) when the first episode airs.

Are you jumping from excitement yet?

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