Comedian Yoon Jung Soo Files for Bankruptcy

It has been reported that comedian Yoon Jung Soo has filed for bankruptcy due to debts that amount to over one billion won ($1 million USD).

According to the courts on November 12, Yoon Jung Soo claimed that he had no ways to pay back his debt of over 1 billion won. The origin of his debt is known to be from business investment failures and problems with guaranty money. Yoon Jung Soo’s creditors include banking agencies such as Woori Financial as well as his entertainment agency, Line Entertainment. The courts are currently looking through Yoon Jung Soo’s information and will come to a decision on whether or not they will accept his bankruptcy file.

Line Entertainment has confirmed this to be true. Yoon Jung Soo spoke about his financial troubles in the past on broadcast as well. Last January, he appeared on “Jagiya” and shared, “I invested too much in a company and failed, which resulted in getting rid of my 1.8 billion won home. I had so many loans that my monthly loan repayments amounted to be 9 million won.”

Yoon Jung Soo is currently a DJ for MBC’s radio show, “2 o’clock Hurray” with Lee Yoo Jin.

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