VIXX Releases New Hauntingly Dark Group and Individual Photos for Upcoming Album

After releasing a mysterious teaser image of an eerie-looking voodoo rag doll, VIXX has further teased fans by revealed a group photo as well as individual concept photos for their upcoming first album.

These new set of photos are just as dark and spooky as each VIXX member poses in what seems like an abandoned, lonely and dark room. They all have either sad or hauntingly empty facial expressions, elevating fans’ curiosity about their soon-to-be released album.

If you look closely, you can also see that each VIXX member is posing similarly to how the voodoo doll is sitting for each photo!

vixx voodoo ind hongbin 1

vixx voodoo ind hyuk 1

vixx voodoo ind ken 1

vixx voodoo ind leo 1

vixx voodoo ind N 1

vixx voodoo ind ravi 1

Also, in light of VIXX’s imminent return, Jellyfish Entertainment hung up a huge voodoo doll upside down on the side of their company building. The agency revealed that this doll will be appearing in VIXX’s music video as well.

VIXX has been known and loved for their unique and dark concepts and it seems like they will be making this voodoo doll concept their next one.

vixx voodoo doll agency building 11

Meanwhile, VIXX has pre-released a track from their upcoming album, “Only U” and its music video on November 8. VIXX will also be throwing a concert in Seoul on November 17.