Comedian Yang Se Hyung Also Questioned for Illegal Gambling

Among the growing list of celebrities being questioned for illegal gambling, another celebrity, comedian Yang Se Hyung, has been added as well.

Yang Se Hyung’s agency, Line Entertainment, spoke with Star News and said, “Yang Se Hyung was recently questioned about illegal gambling by the police.”

They continued, “It was not an official summons but a short questioning so we did not know things would become so big. Aside from the results, we are sorry to have raised controversy.”

The agency also commented, “Yang Se Hyung is planning to reveal his thoughts on stepping down from his current TV programs. We will discuss this well with the different staff members. Yang Se Hyung will be taking time off for self-reflection.”

Yang Se Hyung is currently appearing in the SBS comedy show, “Oot Chat Sa” and the MBC sitcom, “Reckless Family 3.”

Other celebrities involved in illegal gambling accusations include Boom, Andy, Lee Soo Geun, Tak Jae Hoon and Tony An.

Stay tuned for more updates.