Taeyang Reveals Making of “Ringa Linga” Dance Performance and MV

Have you been wondering how Taeyang and his crew put together the music video and dance performance of “Ringa Linga“? 

Well, YG Entertainment has just released a video taken behind the scenes to show you the filming process.

In the short clip, you can see Taeyang meeting Parris Goebel, the talented choreographer of “Ringa Linga,” and learning the dance moves with her during the idol’s short stay in Los Angeles. In addition, interviews of the two explaining their vision and ideas behind the dance performance give you a more in-depth understanding of what the choreography means to them, and what they tried to achieve through it. In the latter part of the video, you get to see the impressive set of the music video. Filmed in three days, Taeyang and his crew have put their best effort into producing a visually appealing video to match the powerful song and choreography.

In related news, Taeyang has recently talked about “Ringa Linga” and his new style of music, check out the interview here.

Take a look behind the scenes of “Ringa Linga” below!