All Celebrities Under Charges of Illegal Gambling Indicted

The Prosecutor’s Office announced the celebrities who were under the investigation on charges of illegal gambling confessed to their illegal activities.

According to Chief Prosecutor Yoon Jae Pil of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, broadcasters Lee Su Geun and Tak Jae Hoon, former H.O.T. member Tony Ahn, former comedian Gong Sung Su, broadcaster Boom, Shinhwa member Andy, and comedian Yang Sae Hyung were indicted for illegal online gambling.

The Prosecutor stated in a brief, “All of the parties under the investigation confessed to their crimes,” and “There were individuals who stated differently through their lawyers, but after submitting sufficient evidence and reasoning, we were able to get them to confess.”

The Prosecutor added, “They admitted to their wrongdoings and displayed regret for their actions. However, because they are public figures, they will face consequences.”

According to the Prosecutor, the parties involved were charged for gambling high amounts of money on the English Premier League soccer matches through their smart phones.

Earlier this year, comedian Kim Yong Man was charged and tried for a similar case involving illegal gambling. The prosecutor’s office was able to obtain the names of the parties involved while investing his case.

Along with the indicted celebrities, the prosecutor’s office also charged 31 other individuals who were involved in illegal gambling including choreographers and managers. The two individuals who began this large scale gamble amounting up to 143 billion won (approximately 134 million dollars) were indicted along with eight other participants.

The investigation revealed that brokers secretly lured friends and customers to join the gamble while working at drinking establishments and joining soccer clubs. The celebrities charged also participated in gambling activities as many of them were part of the same soccer club.

A representative of the Prosecutor’s Office stated, “We will continue our active investigations to defend against various illegal gambling due to the fact that illegal gambling is rampant leading to economic and family break downs as well as the serious offence it brings to an individual and society.”


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