Davichi Releases Part 2 of “The Letter” MV

The second part of female duo Davichi’s music video for “The Letter” has been released.

On November 14, their agency Core Contents Media released the second part of the music video for “The Letter” on their official YouTube channel.

Previously on November 14, Core Contents Media had uploaded the drama version of the music video, staring actress Yoon So Yi. The drama version had ended on an open note, a teaser for the second part of the music video that was uploaded today.

In the music video for “The Letter,” the two Davichi members, Kang Min Kyung and Lee Hae Ri, both appear in this version of the music video. The girls appear alike, in terms of hair and outfits, displaying a mature look that matches with the vintage décor of the set.

The song is a mid-tempo ballad, about a sad farewell between two lovers and the letter that is all that is left behind. The Davichi girls show off their voices and harmonizing abilities, portraying the sadness and emotional maturity of the song well.

Interestingly, the beginning and end of the MV are in black and white, implying that the past was a life filled with color, while the present is now in monochrome.

Watch Davichi’s “The Letter” MV Part 2 below!