An Individual Confesses He is the Culprit Who Hacked Eunhyuk’s Twitter

Recently, Eunhyuk of Super Junior, had his Twitter account hacked multiple times. Nude photos of “H,” allegedly a contestant on an audition program, were posted on his Twitter. An individual claiming he is the hacker behind the act posted his confession on the online community “Ilbae.”

On November 14, at around 11:30 AM, a post was uploaded with the title, “I am the ex-boyfriend of ‘H’ who uploaded nude photos of her on Eunhyuk hyung’s SNS.”

The author of the post, who went by “Park Jae XX,” wrote, “This photo shows why I did what I did.” The photo included a screenshot of a supposed Kakao Talk conversation between him and “H,” along with nude photos that were uploaded on Eunhyuk’s Twitter. The photo also revealed his Twitter account.

The photo comes with a description saying the person in the photo is “H,” with the message, “I’m sorry Eunhyuk. I know I shouldn’t be doing this if I was sorry, but I’m doing this because I feel so furious about what ‘H’ did to me. I’m sorry. You can criticize me all you want. I know I won’t be forgiven for this despite all of the hateful words. If you tell me to die, I will die. I’m sorry.”

The author only revealed that the person in his photos is “H,” but he did not give his reason why he uploaded the photos.

The post has been deleted since the afternoon of November 14.

Meanwhile, “H,” who was pointed out as the person in the nude photos, stated, “The situation of me being recognized as the person in the photos is very shocking to me to the point where I almost want to die. I want to make it clear that the person in the photo is not me, and I have no connection whatsoever to Eunhyuk. I sincerely want the culprit to be charged as soon as possible,” through updating her Facebook status.