Click! Click! Flash! With 2013 being a huge year for K-Pop, the red carpet for the 2013 Melon Music Awards was filled with some of this year’s hottest idols, artists and celebrities, who were all decked out in their finest evening wear.

On November 14, the 2013 Melon Music Awards was held at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. Being one of the biggest year-end music award shows in Korea, the stars made sure that they looked their best for the adoring fans and flashing cameras.

Most of the celebrities played it safe and kept the skin exposure to a minimum. Many female stars did keep their dresses on the shorter side, showing some leg, such as Lee Yoo Bi, IU, Lim Kim and Kim Yoon Hye. Other stars such as Baek Ji Young and Lee Tae Im opted for the long evening gown look.

Many male celebs kept it classy and simple with traditional suits and tuxes with the occasional twist such as the Rose Motel members with their signature rose brooch! Other groups such as SHINee and BEAST went for the more casual but still trendy look.

And check out the winners of the night here!