Trouble Maker Take a Cute Pose with Couple Shoes

The Trouble Maker couple showed off their couple shoes on HyunA’s Instagram on November 14.

In the picture, Jang Hyun Seung and HyunA looked like real couple when they put their heads together while sitting on a sofa. The shoes looked very warm and soft with fluffy white fur, and seemed to have been designed by an expensive brand.

Netizens’ comments upon seeing the the picture were, “The Trouble Makers really look like they’re close,” “Those shoes are perfect for the upcoming freezing winter,” and “They look so cute together.”

Having released their new mini-album with their title track “Now” on October 28, Trouble Maker has been topping off the music charts ever since and have won numerous prizes and music show awards.

 There have been many rumors as to whether these two singers are actually a couple or not. Whether they are or aren’t, they are for sure the latest trend within the world of K-Pop!

troubler maker couple shoes