Kim Yuna Donates $100,000 to Help Children in Philippines Suffering from Typhoon

Ice skating princess Kim Yuna generously donated $100,000 to help the people in the Philippines who have been affected by the powerful typhoon Haiyan.

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) Korea released a statement saying, “Figure skater Kim Yuna donated to help the Filipino children affected by typhoon Haiyan. Kim Yuna usually volunteers for UNICEF Korea during the end of the year to help orphans and children with terminal illnesses.”

The representative continued, “This year, with the spirit of helping the children of the Philippines affected by typhoon Haiyan, Kim Yuna has donated $100,000 through UNICEF Korea. The donation will go toward food, hygiene supplies and education to help the children affected by the typhoon.”

Kim Yuna also pleaded for people to help those affected by the powerful typhoon through a tweet.