Lee Juck Sings a Sad Song in “Lie Lie Lie” Music Video

Singer and song-writer Lee Juck has made his official comeback with his fifth full album,”Meaning of Loneliness” . The music video for its title track, “Lie Lie Lie” was released through Loen Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel.

“Lie Lie Lie” is a melancholic ballad with a strong piano instrumental. Lee Juck’s emotional voice sings about the heart breaking betrayal of someone who was once trusted. As Loen wrote,  “Writing the lyrics about being abandoned by a lover, the feeling loss, blames and resentment, he thought about a child being left at playground by himself. This song will be sing not just this winter, but for a very long time. It is a very heart aching love song.”

For something a little happier, Lee Juck also recorded his final “Oven Radio” episode with Loen Entertainment and Fiestar‘s Jei. Check it out below the music video.