Actress Nam Gyu Ri Gives “Hope” on Humanitarian Visit to Rwanda

Actress/singer Nam Gyu Ri made a humanitarian trip to Rwanda two and a half months ago for the filming of SBS‘s “Hope TV.” At the November 12 press conference for Hope TV, Nam Gyu Ri revealed her goal to help Africa. She said, “If possible, I hope to build five schools in Africa.” It was also reported that during filming, there were times when production would have to temporarily stop due to Nam Gyu Ri not being able to contain her tearful emotions

On the same day, Nam Gyu Ri posted a heartwarming photo of her posing with Rwandan children with a special message on her Twitter account. The message said, “Please help the children of Africa whom I dearly miss. Aren’t they beautiful? Please give these beautiful children hope. Lets meet on November 15, 16 on Hope TV.”

Nam Gyu Ri’s emotional visit to Rwanda will be shown on Hope TV SBS on November 15 and 16. For the past 17 years, Hope TV has been helping starving children across the world.