Gummy and Jang Geun Suk’s Duo Partner Big Brother Release New Music Video for “Only One”

Producer and DJ Big Brother collaborated with singer Gummy to release a new track titled “Only One.”

On November 15, OGAM Entertainment released a music video of the new song. The music video shows an energetic atmosphere as people dance to the eccentric new song. As Gummy showcases her vocals, DJ Big Brother doesn’t go unnoticed.

Big Brother had previously showcased his musical talents through his participation alongside friend and actor Jang Geun Suk in the duo group “Team H.” As a member and the producer of “Team H,” Big Brother validated his music skills, establishing his fanbase worldwide.

With the growing attention to his music, Big Brother plans to enter Korea’s electronic dance music industry through the release of “Only One.” The song describes a woman’s heart towards the man she loves.

Check out the music video below. It will make you want to dance!