Actress Lee Yeon Doo’s Agency Clarifies Drug Arrest in Brazil While Filming Show

Talk about a headache, an international headache.

Actress Lee Yeon Doo was recently arrested in Brazil while filming for a variety show on suspicion of supposed marijuana possession.

On November 15, the actress’ agency revealed that while filming KBS 1’s culture program “Real Experience Encompass the World,” the actress had been arrested and detained by Brazilian police in Mato Grosso since October 23.

However, the agency representative clarified, “The issue occurred when the actress left the Amazon with a medicinal herbal gift from the Amazonian tribal chief that lead to an investigation of the actress over accusations of attempted smuggling of medicinal herbs. Although some Korean outlets are claiming the medicinal herb to be marijuana, that is untrue. Marijuana is not locally present. After concluding filming, they found out this truth. She was arrested after landing and exiting a light aircraft. We were able to briefly talk with Lee Yeon Doo once. Currently, her condition does not seem good. Not only is her body condition not well, but mentally it has been hard for her to endure alone as a female actress without her manager.”

lee yeon doo brazil

In regards to the timeline of events, Lee Yeon Doo’s agency revealed that the results of the police investigation would be released on November 15, but if the actress is not released on that day, she will have to wait three more days due to Brazil’s national holiday. KBS’s representatives stated that although they would like to bring back Lee Yeon Doo first, the current situation did not seem to allow such actions. Due to this incident, the actress was forced to drop out of an upcoming movie.

Previously, KBS had reported that Lee Yeon Doo, two production staff members, and the local coordinator had been arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling, and were waiting in their hotel rooms to receive investigation. KBS1’s “Real Experience Encompass the World” follows celebrities who experience different cultures and lives overseas.

We wish for the best possible outcome for the actress, staff members, and the local coordinator.