Primary: All Profit from “I Got C” Will Be Donated

Amid controversies, singer Primary has clarified that he has not received any profit from producing “I Got C,” and plans to donate the full income earned from the song.

A representative of Primary commented on November 14, “Since the beginning, it was planned to appear (on “Infinity Challenge”) with the idea of donating the complete earnings of the song. All income from the song will be donated.”

MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” also revealed that all profit earned from its music festival would be donated through a scholarship foundation.

Primary was involved in a plagiarism controversy after accusations arose of “I Got C” plagiarizing Netherland’s Carol Emerald’s song “Liquid Lunch.” The song, “I Got C” was produced by Primary as a collaboration song with Park Myung Soo for “Infinity Challenge’s” music festival.

Although Primary has denied the plagiarism accusations, the singer has since apologized for the controversy. It was agreed upon on November 13 to end the online music sales of “I Got C.”