f(x)’s Amber Posts a Parody of miss A’s “Hush” on Instagram

On November 13, f(x)’s Amber posted a fun parody of miss A’s new song “Hush” on her Instagram, getting over 75,000 likes: “HUSH it’s sexy time! This one’s for my sisters in miss A!”

The video starts with Amber with a drawn-on mustache, standing in front of a shower curtain lip-syncing to the song, and her friend popping out from behind the curtain for “yea~.” She comically bats away the hand that starts sliding down her shoulder, looking alarmed, and the video cuts to Amber mimicking the dance by the shower, using the curtain bar for the dance prop, while her friend attempts to break a lollipop, alluding to a scene in the music video. Amber’s sister also makes an appearance. 

Check out the video on Amber’s Instagram!