Lim Kim Says “Goodbye 20” with Cute and Girlish Charm in New MV

The beautiful and cute Lim Kim is saying goodbye to her 20th year!

On November 15, Mystic89 uploaded the music video to Lim Kim’s upcoming new single, “Goodbye 20” onto its YouTube channel.

“Goodbye 20” is slightly different from Lim Kim’s past singles that had a much slower beat and showcased her mature, sexy and jazzy voice and image. This time, “Goodbye 20” perfectly displays Lim Kim’s young and girlish charms as the music video shows various scenes of Lim Kim just being one of the girls and singing about the youthful angst in a playful and light manner.

The video shows different symbolic references to the passing age such as the clock that is ticking toward 21 or Lim Kim being engulfed slowly by balloons. It also shows flashes of Lim Kim being a normal 20-year-old girl as she flips through magazines, takes sticker pictures with her friends, works part-time jobs and goes through her clothes.

Check out Lim Kim’s “Goodbye 20” music video below and stay tuned for her first album release on November 18!