YoonA Transforms into a Passionate Reporter in New Stills for “Prime Minister and I”

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA has transformed into the paparazzi!

On November 15, new stills of the upcoming KBS drama, “Prime Minister and I” showed YoonA’s two-sided life that changed like day and night.

In the stills, YoonA shows an image of a passionate and slightly tomboy-ish reporter during the day. However, at night, YoonA looks stealthy and sly as she transforms into the paparazzi.

YoonA plays the role of Nam Da Jung, who is a passionate reporter, trying to get the latest scoop whether it’s during the day or night. When she finds a target, her eyes change into a focused and intense gaze. However, as much as Nam Da Jung has passion for her work, she gets swayed by many different happenings and crises, making her a not-so-perfect reporter.

It is reported that the director and other staff members had fun watching YoonA give great performances of her character’s transformation without any NGs.

YoonA commented, “I think I can learn a lot through ‘Prime Minister and I’ and I think it will be a great lesson as an actor. I won’t make this drama just another mere stepping stone but I will try to transform into an actor that gives trust by working diligently.”

Meanwhile, “Prime Minister and I” will air after “Marry Him If You Dare” on December 9.

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