miss A’s Jia and 4Minute’s HyunA Look Gorgeous With Kiss Selca

Girl groups 4Minute’s HyunA and miss A’s Jia revealed a “kiss” selca on Jia’s Twitter on November 14. The two girls are wearing bright red lipstick and are looking both pretty cute and sexy. Jia is wearing a thin turtle-neck white shirt topped with a leather jacket and a chain necklace. HyunA is wearing a black outfit with a fish-net stocking and a dark-green knitted muffler.

Along with the picture, Jia wrote, “You’re all going to watch ‘M Countdown’ right? Please take a part in voting for miss A through SMS as well as for Trouble Maker.

HyunA is pretty busy showcasing her “Now” single with fellow Trouble Maker member Jang Hyun Seung, and Jia’s days seem to be hectic as she is also performing for various shows with the group’s new single “Hush.”

Jia and HyunA