New Stills of “Miss Korea” Show Lee Yeon Hee as an Elevator Girl

Lee Yeon Hee recently had her first filming session for the upcoming MBC drama, “Miss Korea,” and new stills have been released.

The first filming took place on November 11 where Lee Yeon Hee plays the role of Oh Ji Young, who was once the best looking girl in her high school but ends up working as an elevator girl after she becomes an adult.

In these stills, Lee Yeon Hee is working as an elevator girl along with her co-workers played by Jewelry‘s Kim Ye Won and actress Yoo Eun Ho.

It is reported that Lee Yeon Hee showed up early for the filming, brightly greeting the staff members and trying to adjust to the set. It is said that she seemed a bit nervous since it was her first filming but she was completely focused as she made sure to monitor other characters as well.

The staff commented, “We were surprised by Lee Yeon Hee’s passion since she perfectly transformed into her character with her clothing, makeup and other props since the first filming. She stays in character even during breaks, which makes us excited for the future filmings as well.”

“Miss Korea” will air after “Medical Top Team” in the middle of December.

Miss Korea stills_lee yeon hee 2