2AM’s Changmin to Perform Self-Composed Song at Upcoming Concert

Changmin of 2AM will reveal a song composed and written by him titled “Not a Bad Person” at the group’s concert in December.

The singer shared on his Twitter on November 13, “For my solo stage at our upcoming concert, I will be singing “Not a Bad Person,” an unreleased song composed by me. I will put my heart and soul into performing it for the first time during the concert, so please show your support.”

“Not a Bad Person” is both written and composed by Changmin, and producer Jerry.L has helped him to arrange the song. The song is a mixture of an electronic piano sound and funky guitar riffs, which is a complete opposite of 2AM’s usual music style. The group will release their new album titled “Nocturne” on November 19, but “Not a Bad Person” is not included in the tracklist. 

Changmin said, “Until now, I have performed songs by artists I like whenever I have a solo stage at a concert. But this year I wanted to stand on stage singing a self-composed song. I worked on ‘Not a Bad Person’ during my spare time. It represents the style of music I enjoy, and I think the audience can have a great time listening to it. That is why I chose it.”

The two concerts will be held from December 7 to 8 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.