Lee Hong Ki Talks About Songs from Upcoming Mini Album in Highlight Medley Video

Just days away from their comeback, idol band FT Island released a video of their band member Lee Hong Ki talking about the songs in the upcoming mini album in a special highlight medley video. The video was shared through the group’s official YouTube channel.

In the video Lee Hong Ki is sitting in his group’s car wearing a colorful jacket. He has his phone in his hand and he is conversing with another person, perhaps their manager. Lee Hong Ki asks his friend is he has heard the songs in the upcoming mini album, “The Mood,” and tests his friends knowledge. As he plays the songs on his phone, he praises each song and his members for writing and recording them. At the end of the video he says all the songs are good and he hopes that a lot of people will listen. The video also plays official highlights from each song on the mini album are played.

Their fifth mini-album, “The Mood” is scheduled to be released on November 18. The band will be making their official comeback with the album’s title track, “Madly,” an FT Island-eque ballad.