Caro Emerald Hints at Plagiarism Issue in Video Message to Korean Fans

On November 15, Dutch singer Caro Emerald released a video on YouTube titled, “Caro Emerald Message for South Korean Fans.” The video seems to target producer Primary, who was caught under scrutiny for plagiarizing one of her songs.

In the video she states, “I got so many message on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail from all of you saying that my music is all over the place there. And the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Ever since, the press wants to know everything about it.” She also added, “Anyway I want to thank all of you for your support and letting me know what you think. And I think Mr. Primary has got something to do with it as well?”

At the end of the video, the man sitting next to Caro Emerald is revealed. He is wearing the box mask, which Primary has set as his trademark.

Prior to the release of the video, Primary’s song “I Got C,” which he wrote for the “2013 Infinity Challenge Freedom Road Music Festival,” aroused suspicion of plagiarizing Caro Emerald’s “Liquid Lunch.” 

In reference to the issue, a representative of Primary’s agency, Ameba Culture, stated, “Primary was a fan of Caro Emerald, and it is possible that he was inspired by her music,” and added, “He did not copy to plagiarize.” The rep expressed the agency’s position on the matter saying, “We believe it’s just an isolated incident. We hope it will get resolved soon.”

Nevertheless, Caro Emerald’s producer David Schreurs responded to the incident as he tweeted, “Yes we think you guys copied us. Not the end of the world, just not very cool. Credit where credit is due #IGotC,” which fueled the controversy even more.

In the midst of the continued controversy, Primary made an official apology stating, “I apologize sincerely for all the shameful things that took place in connection to ‘I Got C.’ I believe it was due to my immaturity whatever the reasons may be.” He also extended his apology to “Infinity Challenge” producer Kim Tae Ho as well as his group member on the show Park Myung Soo.

“Infinity Challenge” has decided to end all sales of “I Got C,” and Primary announced all proceed from the sales of the song will be donated. 

[Video may not work for those outside S.Korea]


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