Park Se Young and Kangin Take a Snapshot on Set of “The Cat Funeral”

Actress Park Se Young confirmed the filming of “The Cat Funeral” with a photo of herself and Kangin of Super Junior.

On November 14, Park Se Young posted on her Twitter account, “The filming of ‘The Cat Funeral’ has begun. Please cheer for us, so it won’t rain, and we can film on a clear day!” along with a selca with her co-star Kangin.

Park Se Young’s first screen debut, “The Cat Funeral” is based on a popular webtoon. It tells the story of previous lovers who rekindle their relationship after the cat they raised together dies. They go on trip together in memory of their cat.

Super Junior’s Kangin plays the role of an indie musician Dong Hoon, and Park Se Young plays his counterpart, Jae Hee. The filming began on November 13, and the film is scheduled to premiere next year.

Kangin, Park Se Young