Park Wan Kyu Says He Has a Lot to Learn From Younger Singers Like Yang Yoseob

Recently, singer Park Wan Kyu praised Yang Yo Seob (Beast) for his actions and expressed his respect for younger singers.

On November 14, at the press conference for “The Vocalist” concert at the Seoul Convention at the city airport, Park Wan Kyu said, “There is a bracelet on my wrist. To be honest, I didn’t know about this previously, but I found out through a news report about Yang Yo Seob. I was really impressed by what he had to say.”

The bracelet is to raise awareness about and help comfort women, women who were forced into sex slavery during World War II. Yang Yo Seob was seen with this bracelet on-air this past July, and after seeing this, Park Wan Kyu also decided to wear the bracelet. 

Moreover, the singer did not spare any compliments for the singers that he had preparing an end-of-the-year concert with: Ali, Bobby Kim, and Lee Jung. He said, “I have a lot to learn from singers younger than me. Ali’s got a small physique, but her power is really impressive. It’s to the point where I want to learn from her. Lee Jung is just a crazy bundle of talent. He complimented Bobby Kim, saying that from the first performance for ‘The Vocalist’ until now, he’s held his own. With sincerity, I will help make this stage one both the old and young can sympathize with.”

“The Vocalist” is concert put on by the best voices in the industry, and is now on its fifth concert, having started in 2009. In 2009, it featured artists Bobby Kim, Kim Bum Soo, and Wheesung, in 2010 – Bobby Kim, Wheesung, and Gummy, in 2011 – Bobby Kim, Kim Hyung Suk, and Song Mu Hyun, in 2012 – Bobby Kim and Kim Tae Woo, and this year, Bobby Kim, Lee Jung, Park Wan Kyu, and Ali will be performing.

 The 2013 “The Vocalist” concert will feature battles between these four artists with four different styles and will be held December 13-14 at Olympic Hall at Olympic Park in Songpa-gu Bangi-dong. On December 24, Christmas Eve, the concert will be held at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center in Gwangju.