Lee Da Hae Updates Her Fans With a Selfie

Actress Lee Da Hae recently updated her fans with a selfie from China.

On November 14, the actress posted a photo on her Weibo with a status in Chinese: “In the lovely Guangzhou, I am currently in the middle of shooting a commercial! We just finished, and now I’m heading back to the hotel. The nighttime view here is absolutely stunning, and the food is great, too. I like Guangzhou.” 

In the selfie, Lee Da Hae is wearing a princess-like sleeveless top, pink lipstick, and a jewel-studded headband, looking pure and feminine, while showing off her large doe-like eyes and flawless skin.

At this, she got responses from Korean and Chinese fans alike, complimenting her on her beauty, asking when she went to China, and welcoming her to Guangzhou.

lee da hae