[Recap] A Love Too Good to Be Real – We Got Married 111813

This week on “We Got Married,” Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon look picture perfect in their wedding photo shoot, Taemin takes Son Na Eun back to Jeju Island, and Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi write a death metal song about face masks.

A love too good to be real– This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon need to prepare for their fake wedding, and it should be fun except it feels too real. Because it feels real, they start thinking about getting married in the real world. They try not to think about it too much and go to a wedding planner who is married to a famous actress. It’s kind of cute because the wedding planner sounds really nervous. He gives them good advice about wedding planning, but better advice about being married to an actress. As always, Yoon Han listens seriously as he nods with those big eyes of his.

The couple goes to try on wedding dresses and this isn’t really fair because Lee So Yeon is a beautiful actress, so of course she’s going to look dazzling in any dress she tries on. Yoon Han looks sharp in a tuxedo too, but we already knew that too.

I’m sure they looked at each other and thought, “Dang, we look fiiiine.”


I had to make this collage because Yoon Han was so cute every time he saw his wife come out in a wedding gown. It’s like when a kid wakes up on Christmas and sees all the presents under the Christmas Tree.

My working title for this recap was “Noona wants to get married too” because that was what I was thinking the entire time I was watching this episode. I’ve reached the age where I should probably start working on it, but as I sit here at my desk watching these picture perfect virtual couples I can’t help but sigh and wonder when I can try on wedding dresses and have a handsome pianist make lovestruck puppy eyes at me.

I want to get married too! Except how am I supposed to work on getting married when I spend my Saturday nights putting together pictures and talking about other couples? Maybe I should contact Danny Ahn. He’s always saying he wants to get married too, and we pretty much do the same thing.


After the wedding dress, they go check out jewelry, and they go to a niiiice place. I don’t think I put enough I’s in that one, let me try again. A really niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice place. So Yeon eyes a necklace made of little diamonds and tries it on. The two joke about Yoon Han buying it for her, until they find out that it’s 22 million KRW (roughly $20,000). The other one they try on cost twice as much. Considering the looks on their faces, maybe actresses and pianists don’t get paid as much as we thought.

They also try on some rings, including a giant diamond ring that is worth 240 million KRW (roughly $225,800). It looks heavy, and I can’t stop looking at that picture (and I don’t even particularly like diamonds). So Yeon doesn’t even bother acting like she might want it, she puts it on and takes it off quickly to bring out a ring set of her own. In the previous episode, they made clay rings, and she baked them so they can wear it. She asks the jeweler if he could make them a couple ring set based off of these. These are better, she says, because they have sentimental value.


The two head off to a nice cafe next to a river to take the best wedding pictorial I have seen on this show. The photographer looks like a former hippie, so you know the photos will turn out well. They even bust out the fake snow machine to create this very dreamy effect. I cannot wait for the pictures to come out!

There are some awkward but cute moments that reminds us that they’re not a real couple (because I forget many times), like when the photographer tells them to hold hands or kiss, and they blush. Sometimes all they can do is laugh stiffly. I want to see them kiss! I want them to become a real couple! Do it!


Taemin and Son Na Eun have become this show’s veteran couple, and now it’s time to go back to Jeju Island to celebrate a special day. I don’t think it’s Na Eun’s birthday (a quick google search shows me her birthday is in February) so I’m guessing it’s like a six month anniversary or something similar. It looks like I’ll find out if I’m right next week.

Just wanted to put these pictures here because I really like their looks. In my opinion, Taemin looks the best without the eyeliner and in casual clothes and Na Eun is working that purple sweater.


So they are at Jeju and they go to this lovely park to remind everyone how photogenic they are. Seriously, they are just walking around and it looks like a pictorial. They goof around and have a race, and when Taemin loses (he was running backwards), his punishment is to walk on the rocky path with his hands. At this point the MC says what we are all thinking, “He should have walked the other way so we could see his chest.”

The two rest near a gigantic tree, and Taemin ups their skinship by resting his head on her lap. Guys really like doing that, huh? It would have been a monumental and romantic moment, but then Na Eun hits her head on the bench, making a very loud thunk. I laughed out loud, and replayed that moment several times. Na Eun gets embarrassed and they both laugh, but go back to being photogenic as Taemin talks about his dog.


I really enjoyed watching them run around on the beach, even though nothing special happened. Unlike how they appear in their carefully worded interviews, they actually look like they’re having fun. Taemin is doing all these dorky things to make Na Eun laugh, and she is genuinely laughing. He even helps her clean her feet, which sounds weird written down but you just need to watch it. It’s very natural and comfortable, despite it being rather intimate. I want to see Taemin more like this!

Also, Taemin is afraid of horses and other hoofed creatures. Na Eun is not. This was a reminder that while Taemin can have that older brother mature feel, he is still a scaredey-cat. Glad to know that Taemin hasn’t grown up yet.


After the romp on the beach, they go trail bike riding which looks like a lot of fun. I want to go to Jeju Island. Through this episode I am realizing there are a lot of things I want. Like a husband (real, virtual, I don’t care) and a handsome idol to go to Jeju Island with.

The two go to a scenic hill and Taemin teaches Na Eun some weird vocal exercises. Fun fact: Koreans like to yell “Yah Ho” on top of mountains.

It seems that the next episode the two will continue their Jeju Island date and Taemin will reveal what the special occasion is.


After running and singing in the last episode, the Jung couple decides that their house is too barren and needs some decorations. They decide to use calligraphy to make a banner over their couch. Joon Young reveals that his mother is actually a professional calligraphist. It turns out he isn’t that much better than Yoo Mi, but he still likes to make a fuss anyway.


To “reward” her husband, Yoo Mi prepares a special broccoli face mask to clear up his dark circles. The two bravely show their no make up face (not much different than their make up face. Props!). The green face masks make them look quite frightening. Yoo Mi calls Joon Young a gremlin, and Joon Young thinks Yoo Mi looks like Picolo.


While they are waiting for the face masks to work their magic, they decide on a game of ping pong. Of course they can’t just enjoy the game, there has to be a punishment for the loser. Since Yoo Mi has never even played before, they decide that if Yoo Mi managed to hit one ball properly over the net, she wins. Joon Young is confident that she can’t, but Yoo Mi manages to do it. As proven before, Joon Young is not a gracious loser and even though his punishment is to do what Yoo Mi says, he turns it into her punishment. As Joon Young writes his name (his full name, Andrew Simon Joon Mercutio Changin front of her face, Yoo Mi starts to questions her life choices.


Joon Young points out that the mask is supposed to help his dark circles, but the mask didn’t cover them. Yoo Mi reassures him that it’ll still work, but when she takes off the mask, Joon Young looks more haggard than before the mask. Oops, maybe they should just try on another mask instead. This one looks just as creepy and turns Joon Young into Ultra Man.

While he waits for this mask, Joon Young brings out the guitars. He asks Yoo Mi to pick out four chords, and with it he makes a metal/screamo song called “Pack” (the Korean word for face masks). He considers turning it into a real song and Yoo Mi reminds him that she’s the one who gave him the idea. This just proves that this couple has natural chemistry, a weird chemistry, but it’s working.

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