Actress Lee Bo Young Wants Her First Child to Be A Girl

I Hear Your Voice” actress Lee Bo Young recently talked about her plans for starting a family.

On November 16, Lee Bo Young, who is currently married to actor Ji Sung, made a guest appearance on KBS 2 TV’s “Entertainment Week.” 

When she was asked, “Has it finally hit you that you’re married?” she replied, “Actually it hasn’t. We don’t even get to see each other much because of our work.” She went on to describe what it was like to not have the time to properly enjoy the newly married stage of their relationship saying, “It feels like all we do is just stop by to wash our face and head right back out.” 

As for having kids, she said, “We have somewhat of a plan to have kids. It would be nice if the eldest child was a girl. The second child can either be a boy or a girl.” Reporter Kim Saeng Min joked, “Shouldn’t you have at least three children?” to which Lee Bo Young teased back, “Would you like to raise them then? Why are you telling me to have three kids?”