ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik and Teen Top’s Changjo Thank Their Fans for Their Birthday Wishes

On November 17, ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik, who is currently appearing in “The Heirs,” posted photos of his birthday presents on Twitter: “Thanks for all the birthday wishes this November 16. I was filming for ‘Real Men’ and afterwards I had to immediately go into concert practice, so I wasn’t able to say thank you. Sorry! I arrived at the office today to so many presents. Thank you!” The idol/actor is now 22 years old (1991 birth year).

He also thanked his “Real Men” variety show family, and said that even without a party, it was a great day. “Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, and I’ll continue to do my best.” 

Park Hyung Sik also talked about his gift from Kim Su Ro. “I was really moved. And I was so amazed by it that I kept pressing it here and there, so Jang Hyuk eventually asked me if I was playing games on it. Hahaha. It’s a really thankful day!”

Teen Top member Changjo’s birthday was also on November 16, and he uploaded a thank you self-cam video on YouTube for all the birthday wishes. Changjo just turned 18 years old (1995 birth year).

He shot the video on the way to a fan-signing event, and said, “Thanks to all the fans that sent me birthday wishes for my nineteenth [Korean age] birthday. Thank you!” 

Watch the video here!

Happy birthday to both Park Hyung Sik and Changjo!

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