Fellow Colleagues Reveal that Jo In Sung Was a Model Soldier

It was recently revealed that actor Jo In Sung was a model soldier. 

On the November 17 episode of “Quiz Show: The Four Musketeers,” the air force band was featured as a guest. The host, Kim Jun Ho, asked about Jo In Sung, who had previously served with the band. Lieutenant colonel Yoon Young Sam said, highly praising the actor, “He faithfully carried out his responsibilities. I think saying that he’s a model for others is a fit description.”

Master sergeant Lee Hye Joo added, “When I used to see Jo In Sung at the base, because I’m his senior, I couldn’t let it show that I liked him.”

Jo In Sung served in the air force from April, 2009 to May, 2011. He most recently appeared in the SBS drama, “That Winter, the Wind Blows.