Gary Tries to Protect Song Ji Hyo from Harm on “Running Man”

Song Ji Hyo and Gary attempted to hug each other on SBS’ “Running Man.”

On the November 17 broadcast, L.A. Dodgers pitcher, Ryu Hyun Jin and Suzy of miss A appeared as guest stars.

One of the games played on the show was “Late Fall MT Race – Triangle Queen Dodge Ball with Ryu Hyun Jin and Suzy.”

Ryu Hyun Jin and Suzy formed one team while the “Monday couple” Song Ji Hyo and Gary formed another team. There was much tension between the teams as Ryu Hyun Jin did his best to hit Song Ji Hyo and Gary with the ball.

Gary tried to protect Song Ji Hyo from the ball by hugging her and covering her face with his arms.

While Yoo Jae Suk observed them, he said, “You guys don’t need to hug each other,” expressing his envy. Song Ji Hyo created laughter when she gave an excuse saying, “Gary grabbed my head.”

Running Man