Sung Si Kyung Wishes He Was a Member of CNBlue?

Ballad singer Sung Si Kyung recently expressed his jealousy of CNBlue‘s Jung Yong Hwa, or the fellow singer’s popularity among young students to be exact. 

On November 17 broadcast of SBS “1 Night, 2 Days,” the singer headed to Goseong County of Gyeongsang Province with two elementary school students from Mara Island. One of the girls named Soo Hyun revealed that she is a fan of Jung Yong Hwa and B1A4, and hearing this, Sung Si Kyung gave a call to Baro of B1A4. The bystanders could not hold back their laughter upon seeing how differently the student acted towards her favorite idol.

On their way to Goseong, Sung Si Kyung contacted Soo Hyun’s other dear idol as well. He said to Jung Yong Hwa, “You are so handsome that you are shaking the hearts of those underage?” and then gave the student a chance to share a few words with the rocker. Sung Si Kyung later showed how hard he tries to gain the attention of the young girl by confessing to Jung Yong Hwa, “You are my last hope. She is pretty quiet, and she only speaks when it is about you. You are a devilish man who shakes the hearts of everyone from older women to elementary school students,” and expressed his frustration, “I should have been born as a member of CNBlue.”

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