“We Got Married” Staff Hopes Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han Become a Real Couple

Anyone who has watched a recent episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” has probably caught the affectionate gazes actress Lee So Yeon and pianist Yoon Han exchange on the show. And the viewers aren’t the only ones swooning over the couple’s chemistry!

A representative of “We Got Married” had a conversation over the phone with Daily Sports on November 17 and revealed, “Every time I see Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han, I can’t help but think that they fit well together. Naturally it is not possible to know how they interact when cameras are not rolling, but simply judging from the atmosphere on set, I feel like the two could become a real couple.”

“If they end up the way we hope, they would most likely be the first couple to form through the show. Even the staff members are continuously sharing how they wish the two would start dating and get married in the end,” the representative added.

On November 16 episode of the show, Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han were busy preparing for their wedding ceremony. When watching the bride try on a wedding dress, the pianist did not hold back any compliments and gushed, “She will look more beautiful [at the wedding] than ever before, or than she will ever look.”

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