Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Supports Sister’s and Lee Jong Hyuk’s Musical

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung showed her love and support for her sister.

sooyoung sister musical support

On November 17, Sooyoung uploaded two sets of photos that showed her support for her sister, Choi Soo Jin’s, musical. On Girls’ Generation’s official homepage, Sooyoung posted the photos with the title “I watched ‘Man Who Goes through Walls.’” The photos showed Sooyoung’s support for her sister through the photos taken with her sister Choi Soo Jin and Lee Jong Hyuk. Both Choi Soo Jin and Lee Jong Hyuk are starring in the musical, “Man Who Goes through Walls.”

sooyoung sister musical support 2

Another photo that Sooyoung revealed was a collage of intimate photos between the Choi sisters. The collage showed Sooyoung’s love for her older sister as the two sisters goofed around with the selcas. The self taken photos show a microphone wearing Choi Soo Jin, and loving younger sister Sooyoung ready to kiss her older sister, defining the close relationship between the two.

Sooyoung once again defines sisterly love through her relationship with her older sister.