Tiny-G Members Look Like Adorable Munchkins Next to Nine Muses

Girl group Tiny-G member Do Hee is drawing much attention for her role in the popular tvN drama “Reply 1994”! As a result, the members of Tiny-G have also been gaining attention – but this time for their adorable height in relative comparison to taller celebrities like Choi Hong Man and “model-dol group,” Nine Muses

The following photos have been circulating in online forums. The first photo was taken back in May and shared on Tiny-G’s official Twitter page featuring Tiny-G members Myung Ji and Do hee sandwiching the towering Choi Hong Man while in the waiting room for MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World.” Choi Hong Man is taller than your average male, standing at a height of 217 centimeters (7 feet) while Do Hee is about 151 centimeters tall (almost 5 feet). In the next photo, Nine Muses stand behind the adorable Tiny-G members, highlighting the height difference. 

Netizens praised Do Hee’s acting skills and complimented her respective girl group saying, “Tiny-G is so adorable!”, “Dohee is such a charismatic one,” “Dohee’s casting was due to divine intervention,” “I forgot she was part of a girl group because of her impressive acting!”