Italian Vogue Contributor Francesco Spampinato is “Impressed by G-Dragon’s Media Power”

Italian Vogue contributor, Francesco Spampinato recently marveled at Big Bang member G-Dragon‘s “media power” through Twitter after receiving a huge response to his cover story on G-Dragon, where he praised G-Dragon for “his almost other-worldly charisma” that made him “the perfect pop star for the global society of the post-digital era.” He also went on to detail briefly G-Dragon’s journey as an artist from listening to the Wu-Tang Clan to having an influential hand in the evolution of K-Pop as it “metabolizes Western youth subcultures and borrows elements and symbols of rock-n-roll, punk, Goth, club culture and hip-hop.” You can read the rest of Spampinato’s cover story here on Italian Vogue’s website. 

He tweeted on November 15, “I’m impressed by G-Dragon’s media power. My cover story for L’Uomo Vogue has generated more than 20K likes in 24 hours.” Fans posted comments in response saying, “G-Dragon is simply the best,” “Not only G-Dragon, but you should feature the whole group and I’m sure the numbers would triple!”, “He is very talented and his music continues to mature” and “I look forward to the day he is as well-known in America and other Western countries.”