WINNER Talks About What It’s Like to Open for Big Bang

The members of YG Entertainment‘s rookie male group WINNER recently shared their feelings on what it was like to open for senior male group, Big Bang.

On November 16, after the members of WINNER held their first stage performance and received a huge applause from the crowds, YG Entertainment representatives relayed to the press that the members were “nervous they would make a mistake and finished their performance well with full hearts.” 

In their full statement, the boys shared, “We were so nervous we’d make a mistake on Big Bang’s stage and we were concerned about being overwhelmed at the sheer scale of the concert, but we ended up performing well with big hearts.” 

They also said, “After our performance today, we hope we continue to show a better side of ourselves and we think we can do even better.”

YG Entertainment reps also told the press, “On November 15, when WINNER reached Japan, they were greeted by 300 fans at the airport, which is no less than a Hallyu star would receive.” 

In related news, WINNER left for Japan on November 15 to open for Big Bang’s six dome tour starting in Saitama’s Seibu dome. 

The members of WINNER participated in YG Entertainment’s survival audition program, “Who Is Next: WIN” and defeated Team B for the chance to debut as WINNER. Team A, or WINNER, is comprised of members Kang Seung Yoon, Song Minho, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seung Hoon, and Nam Tae Hyun. Shortly after wrapping up their performances on Big Bang’s tour, the group will be preparing for their debut.