Unit Group 100% V Turns into Office Workers for “Missing You” Teaser Photos

Unit group 100% V of boy group 100% released teaser photos of the boys dressed up as office workers.

The snapshots were uploaded on 100%’s official Facebook page along with the words, “100%V, office worker, member pass, way home from work, breakup, feel lost, tears.”

In the pictures, members Chan Yong, Jong Hwan, Rock Hyun, and Hyuk Jin pose with their personal office passes, fit for the theme of their upcoming song. Dressed in sleek black-and-white outfits like actual office workers, the boys have clearly immersed themselves in their concept. The impactful key words seem to describe the atmosphere of “Missing You,” referring to the themes of both previous and newly uploaded teaser photos. 

The letter V of the four-member unit group stands for “voice” and “victory,” expressing that the boys’ vocal skills will be highlighted in their songs. Their upcoming first release titled “Missing You” will tell the story of a couple going through a breakup that everyone can relate to. It is described as a soft ballad that helps you let go of your worries.

“Missing You” will be released on November 20 through various online music stores.