Boy Group History to Make Comeback as Bad Boys with “Blue Spring”

Boy group History announced its concept for second mini-album “Blue Spring” ahead of its impending comeback.

Agency LOEN Tree revealed a concept picture from History’s new mini-album “Blue Spring,” showing a 180 degree transformation, on History’s official Twitter account on November 18.

The concept picture, taken in Berlin, Germany, shows the boys looking carefree and overflowing with personality, while posing, sitting or standing on a staircase. The graffiti on the walls speaks of a do-as-you-please, wild nature that adds to the overall impression. From their Twitter post, it seems like they’re going for the bad boy look.

The members of History got the street fashion look down, with denim pants and black jumpers contributing as a vintage touch. They display an undeniably captivating appearance, exuding sexiness with rebellious looks in their eyes and overflowing charisma.

The group’s second mini-album “Blue Spring,” following their debut album “Dreamer” and first mini-album “Just Now,” will once again be produced by producer Jo Young Chul.

The participation of all-star production team, with the likes of musician Yoon Sang, songwriter east4a, lyricist Kim Lee Na and music video director Hwang Soo Ah, speaks of the quality that we can expect from the new mini-album.

History will release its second mini-album “Blue Spring” on November 28 and begin active promotions for the album.

History Comeback